A historic Boise lounge reimagined

The 1970’s in Boise were a desolate time for the town. With a big push for urban renewal the majority of the town was leveled and filled in with parking lots. The city was feeling a wave of the economic impacts of the Vietnam War, Watergate and the overflow of turmoil from the 60’s. As the town was getting back on its feet and growing into the city it’s become today, a young Dave Krick would go in and visit his Grandmother who waitressed at the original Red feather lounge located at what is currently Saint Lawrence GridIron.

In the spirit of keeping Boise’s rich history alive, Dave opened Red Feather Lounge In 2002 when the space became available. Red Feather Lounge was opened to re-imagine what the classic cocktail lounge would look like today. The new space and the team took on fresh interpretations of classic cocktails, creating a menu unique to the people who have worked there and to the restaurant itself.

In 2022 Red Feather re-opened after a 2 year hiatus caused by the Covid 19 Pandemic. With the reopening came a fresh cast of characters, and some familiar faces who revitalized the restaurant. Chef Adrian Carpenter who has over a decade of experience stepped in with a fresh new menu inspired by the local Basque community and a seasonal menu based on the locally sourced food here in the treasure valley.

The new and improved Modern American menu is meant to pair nicely with our handcrafted, unique Cocktails to create a casual, yet elevated experience great for any date night, or just a relaxed dinner with family and friends.